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DataCity Cloud Infrastructure

The DataCity Cloud is built on VMware allowing us to maximize redundancy to achieve the 100% uptime SLA. We operate our own 30,000 sf datacenter located in Waterloo Ontario allowing us to provide the best value.

CloudPRO Virtual Data Center

CloudPRO Features


Server Management

Building and managing servers has never been easier with cloudPRO. Deploying servers in under a minute to public or private network and increase security by using a VPN to access everything. Our Cloud panel allows you to build and destroy servers, open console, build and destroy networks/firewalls and also perform automation using the API.

Virtual Desktops

Our Cloud supports virtual desktops using the VMware Horizon client delivering a rich VDI experience with PCoIP and VMWare Blast.

Firewall and Private Networks

For added security you can deploy a private firewall in under a minute to protect your servers, desktops and enable site to site VPN's or Mobile VPN accounts.

Supported Templates

We offer Windows 10 with built in VDI configuration, Windows 2012 Server, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian and a few others. We also offer custom templates at your request.

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Cloud Services


Cloud Servers

DataCity Virtual Private Servers (VPS) provides low cost, highly scalable resources when you need them. Pay only for what you need. Add or delete resources at any time. 


Dedicated Servers

Need dedicated hardware? No problem! We have dedicated hardware deployed and ready to be assigned at any time.


Dedicated Cloud

DataCity offers 100% dedicated high availability clusters. Create your own “white label” private cloud virtual infrastructure. It’s like having your own dedicated virtual data center. Using our proprietary CloudPro panel you can access increased resources when required for individual customers and maintain high visibility into usage and billing.

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