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DataCity Network

Our network is built for production and mission critical workloads. We employ skilled technical staff and follow the proper configuration standards/best practices to achieve the best uptime. We currently have over 7000 Users connected to our Internet service across Ontario.

Redundant Design

The DataCity network was designed with redundancy.  We connect to multiple carriers at multiple locations utilizing redundant hardware devices as well as keeping cold spares on site.


Our network allows us to provide scalable services from 10mbit up to 1G on wireless and up to 100G on our fiber network.  

No Locked Contract

We are confident that we are able to deliver the highest level of service, so we provide a contract that allows a 30 day cancelation with no penalty.

Security and DDoS

The Datacity Security systems are deployed at edge devices monitoring for anomalies such as virus threats and hacker activity. These threats are automatically blocked before causing any harm.

Service Monitoring and Support

DataCity monitors all customer endpoints and services to ensure and anomalies are resolved as quickly as possible. Our Technical Support Team is available 24/7 for live help on service issues.

Fiber Internet


Fiber internet is available across Ontario and speeds are dedicated with no data transfer limit.

Business Packages

B100      100mbps upload and download.    *$280/month.

B200     200mbps upload and download.    *$420/month.

B1000   1gbps upload and download.           *$720/month.

B10G     10gbps upload and download.         *$1820/month.

BGP Peering

BGP Session *$99 Setup.

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Wireless Internet

datacity wireless internet, tri-city area

Wireless internet is available across the Tri-City Area and surrounding areas with no data transfer limit.

Key Features

  • Redundant Fiber Backbone.
  • Self healing connections.
  • One hop point to point to maximize reliability.
  • Equal upload and download speed.
  • Fast Install.

Wireless Packages

W10     10mbps upload and download.      *$99/month.

W25     25mbps upload and download.     *$249/month.

W50     50mbps upload and download.    *$349/month.

W100   100mbps upload and download.   *$449/month.

W150    150mbps upload and download.   *$499/month.

W200   200mbps upload and download.  *$699/month.

W300   300mbps upload and download.  *$749/month.

W400   400mbps upload and download.  *$799/month.

W500   500mbps upload and download.  *$949/month.

W1G      1gbps upload and download.         *$1149/month.

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Wireless Service Area


What is SDWAN?

DataCity's SDWAN Service allows you to aggregate multiple internet connections for faster speeds and redundancy.


  • Static IP's that never change regardless of ISP
  • Supports ipv4 and ipv6
  • Sustain Connectivity during ISP Issues
  • Private networking between offices
  • QOS for Voice and VDI implementations
  • Aggregate up to 10 ISP Connections

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