Data Center Rack Space


Rack space is offered starting at 1/4th rack to full rack. Our racks are lockable and come with a 30A APC Switched PDU.

Data Center Cages

Datacity Data Center Cages

Cage space is offered for those requiring multiple racks and additional security with a cost that makes sense.

Redundant BGP Network

Datacity Redundant BGP Network

Our routing done using BGP to many sites using multiple 10G links from Rogers, Bell and even formerly BlackBerry private dark fiber.

Building Security

Building Security

Our building is monitored 24/7 by 2 security companies along with 20+ video cameras through out the facility.

Redundant Cooling


Each Data Center room is cooled by fully dedicated pairs of redundant cooling units located external to each room.

Multi Room Design

Datacity Multi Room Design

Our Data Center rooms are designed the exact same in terms of redundancy and configuration to ensure we have maximum reliability and uptime.

Redundant Utility Power

Datacity Redundant Utility Power

The DataCity Facility is powered by 2 separate 20MW feeds allowing an extra layer of redundancy to our power systems

UPS Systems

Datacity UPS Systems

Our data center rooms are powered by 2 redundant UPS power systems in an A/B configuration.

Power Generation

Datacity Power Generation

In the rare case of both utility power feeds going down we have 4 indoor 750KVA diesel generators each capable of 48 hours runtime.

ISP Peering Room

Datacity ISP Peering Room

DataCity is offering FREE Switch hosting and cross connects for local ISP's of all sizes in our peering room. We allow the users to install their own fiber connections from any carrier.

Building Access

Building Access

Our facility is accessed by fob controlled 24/7 to all customers.

Complimentary Workspace

Datacity Complimentary Workspace

One thing about working in a data center is the noise and dry air. We offer FREE Workstations for you to quietly work while you are visiting your equipment.