About Us

Focus on your business. We take care of your IT

Let’s face it, if you are not an IT business, your focus is  driving revenue and value through your core offerings. Increasingly, businesses face rising and uncertain costs to support their IT internally, specifically hardware, software licensing, power and cooling costs. DataCity provides equal or better performance, better security, better redundancy, and better cost certainty while working with your IT professionals - we just remove the cost and hassle of managing hardware.

Unlimited Scalability

DataCity is not just resources. At some point it would be cheaper for you to buy these yourself. However, you also get full time management of your resources, including real-time redundancy, firmware and licensing (where applicable) upgrades, security, monitoring, optional backups, disaster recovery and business continuity - all included for one low easy to understand price.

So, as you scale - and your  network becomes more and more complex, with (hopefully) many, many more customers - you never have to worry about adding human resources or physical plant to accommodate your growing network. We take care of all that.

In addition, we upgrade our hardware infrastructure at regular intervals, at our premium tier, we will always keep you on the latest generation of hardware available, providing maximum performance without you having to do a thing!

We are Virtualization Experts

We provide unmatched services at unbeatable pricing. Our team has handled hundreds of thousands of virtual servers, and we have written our own proprietary tools to provide massive savings in licensing fees.


Mission Statement

To deliver every IT service a business needs, virtually, at a total cost lower than it would cost a business to build and maintain itself. DataCity is a highly skilled, customer-focused organization that delivers industry-leading, world-class services to help ensure customer and partner success. Our goal is to consistently exceed your expectations by delivering superior product and services at the best possible value. We are committed to providing you with the responsive, expert assistance you need to keep your infrastructures up and running. By tapping into DataCity’s team of experts, you can help maximize uptime, resolve issues quickly, and reduce IT costs.